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Planning/Civic Updates

Community Enhancement Project

Update on our Community Enhancement Project        PBP Matters            June ‘21

As reported previously, Palliser-Bayview-Pumphill Community Association is working on the Community Enhancement project with graduating students from the U of C – School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape (SAPL).  “Exploring Communities- Community Collabs”, (the Project) is organized and supported by the Federation of Calgary Communities (FCC), in collaboration with the U of C – SAPL.   

Team PBPCA captured 1ST prize, in competition with 3 other Calgary Communities!

The project is created to assist Calgary communities with planning and installation of a community enhancement project, and to develop “community engagement”.  This PBP project is entitled “Community COLLAB Catwalk”, created to enhance the walkway connecting Palliswood Rd. to 90th Avenue and the bus stop. See illustration/concept and photo, attached. Project costs and budget are currently being updated to reflect latest material costs.  Completion of design, specifications, budgets, schedules and solicitation for volunteer assistance is expected in June, with completion of construction/installations by the end of August, 2021. 

So, we are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to prepare, install and paint.  Following is a breakdown of anticipated activities:

Development Permit: application for Permit to follow final approvals by Board of Directors.  Application will be by PBPCA Committee, expected in June.

Start-up:  Informal get-together prior to date of installation to review/confirm project schedules, materials availability and volunteer workers.  If you can provide some time and know-how, we will be glad to discuss with you our project details, installation of materials and equipment requirements.  

Procurement:  obtain and arrange delivery, or pick up from materials suppliers.  Deliver to site at pre-arranged time prior to start of installations.

Site preparation:  cut grass, rake and collect cuttings; prepare areas to receive planter boxes (fabricated by Cal Melrose); sweep and clean walkway in preparation for painting;  brush/clean masonry acoustic wall south and east faces) in preparation for mural (by others).  Equipment required: battery operated grass mower and edger; shovel(s); brooms, paper garbage bags (recycle-able); wheel barrow.  Time estimated:  2-3 hours.  If you can provide tools and equipment, as well as yourself, please let us know.

Installation of planter boxes:  prepare locations, install pre-fabricated ground-mounted boxes, fill boxes using soil from “BIG BAG”.  Install plants, including flowers, shrubs in planter boxes.  

Time estimated: 3-4 hours.  Tools and equipment will also be required.

Painting of mural and walkway: expect the mural will be designed and painted by professional, so basic oversight is suggested to ensure surfaces to be painted are satisfactory. The asphalt walkway is to be painted in patterns designed by the students.  Details are imminent.  Paint materials will comply with City specifications. If you have paint brushes, rollers, or sprayer, please bring them with you.

Time estimated:  1-2 hours.  Mural may require 2-3 days to complete. 

Please consider taking on one, or more activities above, and support our community project. 

Stay in the know.  Contact (e-mail):

Web page:

Thank you, in advance!   Stay tuned for updates and progress!

Dave Illsey  Director.  Email:



2323 Palliser Drive Southwest, Calgary Alberta  /  Email us at:  /  Phone us at 403.281.1908

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