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President's message

August is one of my favorite months. The days are still long and hot. Taber Corn appears and Local Produce is in abundance. Our yards and gardens look amazing. It is a wonderful time to walk around our communities and enjoy the extraordinary scenery.


We have eight candidates running for our Ward 11 Councillor. At a recent Board Meeting, The Palliser/ Bayview/ Pumphill Board of Directors discussed what questions the community would want to ask the candidates: Would you as a councillor be in favor of an LRT to the airport, what specific cultural, arts, or recreational projects would you champion, what is your position on densification in established communities, how do you plan to counteract the divisiveness that appears in much of our council politics. The questions came fast and furious!

In the end, the Board aligned on four questions:

1.    What are going to do as a Councillor to keep and attract young people to Calgary?

2.    What is your approach to Multi-Community Local Area Plans?

3.    What in your opinion is the role of a Councillor in todays Calgary and thoughts on term limits?

4.    At this time, The City has lost a major source of income from Downtown property taxes. So far, individual, and small business have borne the brunt of the shifting tax burden. What are the programs or services you would protect or eliminate in balancing the budget?

The Board will be sending these questions to all the candidates and their answers will be placed on our website Hopefully the answers will help us get to know the Ward 11 Candidates a little better and help us make an informed choice on Election Day October the 18th, 2021.


Our community cleanup runs Sunday September 12th 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Bring us your “unwanted stuff” and come out and meet your neighbors.

We are always looking for volunteers to join our community events and our Board of Directors. The Board is looking for a President and a Vice President. I have stepped down from the Presidents role due to unforeseen circumstances but will remain on hand to help with the transition. It really is a terrific way to give back to our community and help make it an even better place to live.

Thanks, and Happy August!

Susan Russell

Interim President


Traffic Closures: Calgary Ring Road


Community Crime Statistics:




Calgary Police Services:

Vehicle theft is an ongoing concern within the city of Calgary. Each year, as the weather cools, the Calgary Police Service receives an increase in stolen vehicle thefts, targeting unlocked vehicles left running (warming up). With this in mind, please consider:

What can you do to prevent vehicle theft?

  • Do not leave a vehicle running with the keys in the ignition for any length of time, even with the doors locked.      
  • Never hide a second key in or around the vehicle.      
  • Always close the windows, lock the doors and pocket the key.       
  • Park in well-lit and well-traveled areas.    
  • Take valuables with you or hide them out of sight.       
  • Use anti- theft measures such as a steering wheel lock, a vehicle immobilizer system or an alarm system.         
  • Consider installing a remote starter if you need to warm up your vehicle in the morning.     
  • Report suspicious activity. If you see suspicious people in or around motor vehicles, call 9-1-1.

Remember, a few minutes braving the cold with your vehicle can save you from a headache down the line.

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling:

New Glenmore Sailing School (GSS)

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